Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Conversations with Hanuman

It was Hanuman Jayanti so we decided to ask about a topic on which we could connect with Hanuman energy. We wanted to get messages about our fears and how to be fearless. As usual we started with our mantras first. The energies of our group have reached a certain level because of which with the commencement of our mantras, the energy rises preparing us to go higher and higher. Continous Ohms further strengthened the energy and took us deep. After doing a Shakti mantra, we mentally entered our Temple of the Inner Voice.

Vani : There I asked my guide to tell me about fear and fearlessness, and she gave me a very beautiful message. "The world is full of fear at this point in your time. If you could see the world’s aura it is a mirror of pollution. Grey patches are everywhere. It ripples with fear all the time."
As she said that I could see grey and unpleasant ripples going right through the earth.

"Red patches of stress, anger and frustration are everywhere. Though you are in the midst of the grey sea you must not fall prey to it. Your group (and others) must float like a bright sunlit island on the murky waters. Do not be afraid. Ask for safety and it will always be yours."

Vani then tried to connect to Hanuman. She saw him huge and as a very commanding presence. He gave her a reassuring message. "When you want courage or strength call on me and I will provide it. My mythic story is also yours. As a race you must burn your own dark city and rescue your own pure essence.
You must cross the great ocean to progress on your path. Keep going and call for help whenever you need it. Know that no call goes unanswered. Whatever you ask for is already yours."

After we started our meditation I directly felt as if I had reached Lanka Nagri. There I saw Hanuman towering over me in all his finery. I was with my guide when he started talking to us about his visit to Lanka Nagri and the maya he created when they wanted to capture him. She could see that entire era wherein people were trying to catch him and the way in which he tricked them and escaped.

Khushmin could see a vast ocean with high waves and could smell the sea air. “Fear is your own creation. It is Maya. There are people and Divine powers are always surrounding them. He said that there were situations in his life which were not easy, but when he started sorting them out, they just fell in place.
Khushmin was then informed about her guides to always think positive and not of the worst position. Have a positive intention and ‘mission’ to do it in the best possible way. As Divine Powers are always surrounding the world, nothing unwanted can happen. Things not good are wished by human beings and they then happen.

Khushmin had to be strong and believe in the great power like him that surrounds everything and all will work out smoothly.

Veena: I was told to have complete faith and trust in one self and there would be nothing to fear.
"Fear sets in due to lack of confidence. So work upon that. Every tomorrow will be a better today. Go ahead and do whatever you desire. My blessings are with all of you in the group."

Ragini: We did a round of continues Oms during which I heard ohms resonating in the background. This time I saw Ma Saraswati playing the veena in a very joyful tempo. I saw big forms of Hanuman, 1st with Sumeru Parbat on his back & then a majestic one with him opening out his chest.
When I asked him what to do to be fearless, He said, "Just be you & have faith.’’ After that He said,"You do the Hanuman Chalisa( 40 verses in praise of Lord Hanuman written by Saint Tulsidas) everyday. I am pleased with you. I will always be there.’’ When I thanked him, He said, "It is my pleasure child.’’ When hugged him & said, I love you, he put his hand on my head, which I felt in the physical sense too & said, "Me too. I love all my children. Only they don’t acknowledge me.’’ Then he said. "Take care.’’ & was gone. When I wished He had stayed longer, He said, ‘‘You don’t need me in my physical form. I am there in spirit always. Just concentrate. Concentrate on me & I will be there.’’ Even though it was brief, there was a feeling of full satisfaction at the end of it. I felt that today the I energy is very high & open.

When Niranjan entered the Temple of the Inner Voice he saw Devi Saraswati divide into Durga and other devis and surround him from all sides. He felt the Shkti they emanated. Cool breeze as in an open space was felt by him . He saw a shivling shaped temple with a huge havan at the base. He then saw the light and started getting messages.

Felt suffused by a deep indigo light.
"Life is just another test. Fear is like a hurdle. He saw a hurdle before him. Only the more you hesitate, the higher it grows. You can outgrow (saw a colossus figure) and surmount it or you can destroy it (saw very powerful slashing actions). "How? By finding yourself from writing spiritually and achieving immense power and security within yourself." .He felt that and felt almost warrior-like.

The message for the group was to partake this spiritual light.

Tara: After going in the Temple of our Inner Voice and paying homage to the deities there, I saw Lord Hanuman stand tall at the left of Goddess Kali who stands as the main deity at the alter. I asked him what fear was.
“When you are unable to live & unable to feel. That is what you call as fear. There is no such thing as fear. We (man) have made it up. If you think it is fear then it so it will be.

If you want to be fearless, ask yourself what it you fear is. Why do you fear? Find the answer. That is your solution. Pray. Take the Lord’s name. Have more faith. Think big
(he swelled up), think huge (he became bigger), think large (he became huge).
Do not fear.

I asked him what bravery was.
"When you do not fear, then you become what is called bravery. Go hanuman is with you."
When Tara thanked him, she asked for a message for the group but he said nothing. She was wondering why it was so. She felt this huge warmth spreading from her heart to her entire body and she felt warm and good from within. Her palms felt hot as if they were radiating lots of energy. Having a glimpse of Hanuman in his true form, made her feel much loved and she was pleased with the connection that she could have.

Vir: "Fear is outcome of lack of knowledge for truth, true knowledge and wisdom, trust the same and keep faith on it, be confident for whatever is the truth and fearlessness will come from that confidence."
Suddenly I saw Hanumanji (with white beard) showing presence of bhagwan Ram in his heart by opening his chest, then bhagwan Ram turns into Bhagwan Vishnu - smiling, tells trust and faith on divine god in your life, with true knowledge will make one fearless, free from fear. Trust and faith will make you confident & fearless. There was beautiful fragrance in the temple. I then saw Arihant Shankheshwar Parswanath Bhagwan in the temple turning very radiating bright powerful light.

Krishna Kali: As we connect to our guides, I see a towering statue of Lord Hanuman on bended knee, opening his chest. It’s a beautiful white temple with lots of diyas and flowers. The whole place is filled with a mild yellow and golden light. As I ask him what fear is, he replies,
“Fear is for the meek, but fear is not always bad. Many a times people have stopped doing something that is wrong for the fear of God, that fear is not wrong.

Fearlessness should be a part of yourself, your being. Learn to break free, to explore. Being true to yourself is being fearless. You are who you are and the truth doesn’t stay hidden for a long time.”

Later when the group was sharing messages, a lot of similarities were found. Everyone had connected to Hanuman and had felt his strong presence. Even those who felt no pull to Hanuman and who had planned only to connect to their guides had found themselves talking to Hanuman.

A couple of other class members had asked for a message for the group and Hanuman had not answered them. Simply because he had already given me the message for the group, to Vani.

If you are reading this page, this message is especially for you, so take note of it.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Temple of our Inner Voice

Always aiming to do things not done before, explore places never been explored before and trying to touch planes and realms of the inner world never visited before, we would like to share with you our very own place. The Temple of our Inner Voice.

After our recitation of shlokas and the calling of our guides, we decided to take a journey and go into our Temple of the Inner Voice for the very first time. Deep in meditation our mentor took us to explore and be there on two occasions especially. Each one of us experienced the feel, the visuals, the smell of the temple which was rightly ours and only ours. We describe our temple and the experiences in it.

Vani: “The last time I had seen us seated in a temple so we enlarged on that picture. Everyone saw a beautiful temple, all different, all individual. I saw the series of carved stone pillars again, and we seemed to be sitting around a havan kund, with flowers everywhere and lit diyas all around us. My guide said, this is the group place, the group temple, we should all visit often.
We did a second meditation returning to the Temple of the Inner Voice. The energy shot up at once, amazingly quickly and the Temple was immediately clear. I was so absorbed in the energy and the experience of the Temple that I just lost myself in it.”

‘This is your own temple. Sacred for you. See even the minutest of detail of beauty all around you.’ This is the message that Manijeh received at the beginning whilst in meditation. “I saw not only Goddess Saraswati but even other gods waiting there to bless me. This as to make me aware of presences around me that I might have been missing to feel or see before. I saw a havan kund in the centre lighted with sandal wood and a particular priest tending to the fire to keep it going. I took blessings from him.

The second time, when we visited the temple, I could see pink and golden, white, light blue with green, gold and silver lights around as energy with the a lovely smell of sandalwood emitting from the fire. I was told to just sit back and enjoy this beautiful energy that I was receiving.”

Khushmin: “I am in a beautiful temple with pillars all around. There are clear crystal formations as lights and Saraswati Devi is there all in white. She starts moving fast and Vani holds her hand and tells her to quickly follow as it is difficult to keep pace with her. We reach to the edge of a high slope and down we can see a huge valley. There is a very big golden figure and preaching to all. They are energy people and we cannot hear anything. The next moment we slipped down and landed in the middle of the temple where there was a lot of noise and all were talking loudly. I came back with a start.

The second time when we visited our temple, I saw us doing a Havan. The flames were brilliant golden orange red, bells were sounding all around, the smell of incense sticks and dhoop was thick in the air and best above all was the sound of chanting all around. Then I saw this 5 pointed Silver Star descending from the heavens and inside I could see Lord Shiva, Ma Parvati and Lord Ganesha seated showering blessings on all of us. The message I got from them was to continue the good work, they were there for her always, and not to fear and have faith in ourselves."

“A Very beautiful temple. I saw Kwan Yin – huge and in white. Lots of lovely delicate flowers – pink and purple. Even our meditation mats were made of flowers. I connected with my guides and to a new soul.”

“I was totally absorbed with the energies surrounding the idol of Lord Shiva in our temple. I was adviced to do a group chanting of Maha Mrityunjay Japa.”

“When we went into our spiritual temple, sparkling lights lit up all around us. Our guides were standing all behind us, communicating with us. I saw, Goddess Lalita Devi in padmasan sitting on a white lotus, in front of me. She was wearing a pink sari with a gold border. Diyas were lit up on ratnadeep and were all around us. My guide was behind me with both hands on my shoulders telling me, This is your temple. You can come here anytime. Take a shower of white light or come here. Or come here & take a shower of golden light, since that is what you get instead of white light. At night, just come here & sit for a few minutes as you don’t get the time to meditate. You can even sit here & do your mantra.’ On thanking her guide, she was told that they were always there for her.

“The second time when we started visiting our spiritual temple, the room turned into the temple & I got Ma Laxmi sitting in the middle in a white & pink sari with a gold border, on a pink & white lotus, with sparkling diyas lit all around her. All of us were sitting in a circle around her. I saw a priest to the left of the Goddess with a hawan kund (inverted pyramid vessel used for offerings during prayer) in front of the Goddess. The pandit was offering ghee (clarified butter) with his left hand & chanting some mantras (vedic hymns).” The only message she got, was to concentrate. Just concentrate & all would be fine. “I was in full concentration. We once again thanked our guides & my guide was with me on my left with his arm round me & hand on my right shoulder telling me that they were always there for me.”

“The moment we started our meditation, the room spun in a half-turn and became a temple . There were two circles of us sitting around a fire. I saw the making of feelings. Flashes of many current fears problemss of mine, just going away. The last memory I have is of a huge crackling fire. I then got lost”

“ The moment I went in to the temple, I saw that it was made of black stone. Ancient, old and years old. There were rows of old stone pillars and at the sides could see deities lilek Lord Shiva, Ganesha and the rest. Before was the fire in the havan kund and there stood the main idol of Goddess Kali. Huge and black except for her red tongue. Next to her on one side was Goddess Saraswati and Goddess and Goddess Lakshmi on the other side. Each deity shone in her finery and resplendent beauty. The feelings I experienced were of awe and sheer power. I saw all of us seated around the fire and my guide in the form of a priest sitting next to me.

Suddenly I felt myself rising higher and higher. I looked down to my guide asking me what was happening and where was I going. He told me to go ahead and come back. The next thing I felt was floating in space. I felt I was air-borne and moving around. I passed huge orbs what looked or seemed to be as planets and even saw an asteroid belt. For one moment I then froze. It felt like Time had stopped and there I lay frozen in time. Silence. Sheer silence is what I felt all around, but a great feeling of peace and tranquility. I then felt myself coming back and soon found myself sitting back next to my guide. It seemed that was to give me a ‘high’ as per my guide.

My guide proceeded to ask me what was it that I wanted to ask and that I could ask him anything I wanted to. I spoke to him about my desire to increase my psychic abilities, have good health and be spiritually inclined further. He spoke to me about the same and soon I thanked him. I then went up to the idol of The Goddess Kali and bowed down to her and the rest thanking her giving me the ability to feel blessed. When I went and stood close to her, I felt kumkum fall on my forehead and on my hand. I felt truly blessed and thanked her and the rest of the deities and came out of the temple”.

“After connecting with our guide, we started the meditation and entered the Temple of the Inner Voice . It was a beautiful temple with carved pillars all around, bells ringing, yagna fire in the center, chanting of mantras being clearly heard and the fragrances of flowers & incense in the air, I got a message from within saying, ‘A lot of people are leaning on you at both levels-mental & emotional, so give them the support they need. Spiritually you’re growing steadily; only keep helping people with your strength as it will clear your karmas. Also you are living in a very unconventional non-ritualistic way which is resented by most people on the spiritual path, but do not worry. Everyone will follow your principle eventually.’

“When I finished meditation, I found myself in a very different state of mind. I had no doubts about the way I thought or behaved. My self-confidence is boosted. In the end I was trembling with joy & I felt tremendous sense of peace within me. I heartily thank my spiritual guide.”

“I could see myself in the energy fields of the Temple- The Derassar at Sankheshwar – Parshwnath, Gujrat, India. All sides had energy pillars. I can see divine tirthankars through rows of pillars, The yagna fire between us and tirthankar - Parshwanath Prabhu there. My guide informed me that my process to be with the divine is already on, but more needs to be done to get rid of impurities of karmic weights. The moment I will be free from karmic weight, I will be with the divine. Then I felt a very strong pull towards the yagna fire and felt its divine energy in full force.

The second time when we visited our temple, I found myself again in the same temple with the same yagna fire before and the mantra chanting going on. The message I then got from my guide was to always do better for everyone. That was going to train me to be more developed and purified, to be with ultimate power of nature-Almighty, ultimately.

The atmosphere in the temple was very powerful and charged with high energy. Feelings of happiness radiated around and within me. Just like at the time of an Utsav.

Each one of us have different experiences though we all were led into the same temple. Each one has been blessed with the images and visuals that they relate to best. The common factor in all has been the force and sheer power of the deities. A connection has been installed on another level, far more spirutal and thus superior then the one doe on this mere plane. We each are blessed to now be able to go there whenever we want to and do what we would like to once we are there.

Monday, April 16, 2007

What I was then, am I that now?

Once more there we were wanting to explore our past lives. This time we went further and asked about one of the lives out of so many past lives that could we tap into to see the influence it has on us in this life.

Vani asked the question expecting to be told about a particular life, a life as a sanyasi which had the most impact on this one. But the answer she got surprised her. She saw a life she had not seen before.

Her guide told her,
"You were a woman and a householder. In later years you were alone, wearing white. You lived secluded to an old age and in your later years you had a deep longing for spirituality. You were seeking desperately but did not know where to look because nothing in your life had prepared you for this. You often wondered whether you had wasted your life and whether you should have taken sanyas and retired to the Himalayas.

That deep longing led directly (though not in your time frame) to the sanyasi life but at the end of it you again felt that you had failed to find the answers and even your ascetic meditations had not given you fulfillment. You felt the answer was not to be sought in a cave but in integrating it with life. That is what you are now trying to do."

While getting that message Vani could feel her very clearly, her past self, the old woman in white. She had everything and nothing and died with a deep spiritual longing. Her guide surprised her once again by revealing a life she had not expected, but which fit in perfectly and which explained the challenges of this one.

Veena went back to the ashram she was living in, doing her daily chores over there. Just like the ones in the life of a sanyasi. The one thing she enjoyed doing the most was feeding & looking after the cows, goats, birds, dogs and all the other in mates of the ashram. The love for animals has thus stayed on. Another important thing that she I learnt here was Nature Cure which she practices even today. There was so much time for meditation that once she started, she could lose track of time so much so that any given time she simply loved to be by herself.

Ragini was first to concentrate on this life and forget about the rest. However, on persistence she was told that
“Your gypsy lives have undoubtedly affected you the most. That is why you still are a gypsy in this life.” When asked for some thing else, she was told, ‘‘you will find your base & settle down in life.’’ After a lot of concentration she got, ‘‘you have always been a worshiper of Devi & that is what you are doing even now. You believe in Shiv Shakti, the balance within. Just be easy. Go with the flow.” On thanking the guides for this & for being there, they once again said in chorus, ‘‘We are always there.’’

Niranjan realized that he was falling into the traps or cycles of anger, sorrow and guilt. In his past life, he was a wandering sage, a healer. He could see himself as a white apparition, a staff in hand going about healing animals. The strong message relayed to him from this was of him having the ability to heal. “Believe in yourself.” This was followed by an immense sense of peace coming over him.

Tara and her guides seemed to be on a different plane wherein she only felt herself connected to them and constantly saw herself surrounded in violet and indigo light. A feeling of being one, she basked and enjoyed just being engulfed in this spiritual light and stayed there. There were no words, no sounds, just pure colour and energy.

Vir -
“I could see myself with four others as Jain sanyansi, monk, muni, sadhu in white unstitched clothes, bald head with a divine shine on all, near the bank of a river amongst trees, talking to each other. One muni-monk was sitting and other three were standing. Suddenly I saw ourselves walking into a fort. A chariot speeds into the fort and I could see the back of the person on that chariot. I asked for an explanation for the vision I saw. I was told that I was muni-saint who was getting involved into sansarik-wordly matters. My connection to this life from that life is to fulfill sansarik - wordly desires that came up in that life. I have to learn to find the balance between both lives- sanyansi & sansarik, saintly & worldly."

Vir came to understand that extremes of either could create imbalances and so he had to, learn to create a balance between both lives. This would not only lead life to higher levels, but even the karmic process, their effects and results. “Be awakened and rise to be more developed and purified energy. Power of divine is with you.” Then he could see very bright white light.

Each one of us have received not only glimpses about the past, but what they mean to us and what is it that we can infer from them. For a few of us, visions have spoken louder than words and for the rest, messages have been given loud and clear. And for some it’s just the energy that has been experienced in one of it’s truest forms. Our guides continue to surprise us, pleasantly ofcourse and repeatedly prove to us that there are no limits and no boundaries. None that we cannot cross and no depths that we cannot fathom. We know we are getting there. It may just take us some time.

Love and light has always guided us and the more we open our minds, heart and souls to let them in, the more we find them being with us now not only at the time of channeling but even in our daily life. The threshold has finally been crossed and now there are no lines between the then and now. Actually there never was- it was always a figment of our imagination.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Past Life & Patterns

Each one has a cross to bear having the choice whether to carry it alone or to share,
Each one searches high and low for help and is disappointed now and then.
Each one may practice a million customs & preach a zillion things;
But he shall find nothing, the one who does not seek within… the one who does not seek within.

Our guide decided to put forward questions before the group to explore.

A strong session we had with high, positive and strong energy. A strong meditation and we all got a lot about our pasts and what we have brought now from then.

Firstly, we wanted to find out what have we brought into this life from our past lives and if there were any patterns that were being repeated by each one of us that should not be repeated.

Vani: “My guides showed me that all my abilities were developed in the past, even the ability to communicate with inner guides. I saw my sanyasi life and another in which I was far closer to the spirit world than I am in this one. My guide told me “this time you are trying to bridge the gap between the inner world and outer world and even this channeling class is part of that attempt."

I saw that my lives had been very diverse and I had done many things in many different fields. They were all very interesting, and the attraction is still there so I need to make sure I don’t get too fragmented and work in too many things at the same time. I need to focus on a few, not repeat old patterns.

Manijeh: Manijeh saw a huge Saraswati standing in front of her. The life she saw was of a monk somewhere in Central India. However, that life ended very quickly. Manijeh was told that she has brought back parts of her past lives that she has been very attached to. She has brought back her healing talent. Her flying talent left incomplete then is left incomplete even now just like her sewing and swimming talents. The habit of procrastination continues from then to even now.

"It may make you feel good for the moment but later you are the one who feels guilty. Instead do as much as possible instantly. Be aware of this and correct it."

In another past life that Manijeh saw, she was a ruler (king) of three different kingdoms in the medieval/primitive ties. She still carries that attitude from then even now.

She has had a talent for medicine and surgery and like before she did not pursue it further even in this life. (Did not go for higher studies). But she also got an amazing message in tis context telling her that never mind for now, she would be doing so in her next life and doing most complicated surgeries.

Khushmin: As per Khushmin in one of the past lives that she saw, she was a lady dressed in Kashmiri clothes with a red cap, and a big blanket around her. She belonged to a middle class family happy and contented. She used to visit a beautiful temple on the mountain with a lot of greenery around it. She feels it is some place near India.

Khushmin felt that she has her troubles and worries from her past lives. She has met people and family members for a while but her children have been with her for many lives. She and her children have been grouped and have been together for many lives.

Gayatri: “You have shunned away from responsibilities in past lifetimes. You kept procrastinating, postponing – putting things under the carpet. Kept saying NO (even to your self).”

“Every time you say NO or procrastinate something in this lifetime, realize it comes only as a deep-rooted habit from the past.”

Gayatri’s repetitive pattern form then to now is “you shun away from responsibilities, so now more stuff is on you’

Veena: Veena came to realize that is plenty of unfinished and unaccomplished goals & desires that has brought her here. This life has once again given her the opportunities to reach out and grasp and take what she can and should. However, she believes that at times she is unable to tap into them.

She understands that the pattern of being not able to stand up for what she wants in life is being repeated. She feels that it would take her a while to understand them and is not yet sure that she has understood them all now.

Ragini: “Lots of healing & lots of spirituality.”

Ragini got the message that with her mother & a few other people the pattern will no longer be repeated. “You have broken them but you have not healed. You need to heal.”

Vir: For Vir it has been “Love, love for entire existence and spiritual understanding.”
Indulgence and emotions are too extreme, which should be in balance.

We then explored what were the major things we came to learn or do in this life?

Vani’s guide spoke so true when she said "Grow, understand and put it all together - that is what you came to do. And you came to open the door for a lot of other people. What you are doing now is just the beginning."

Khushmin: She has come to realize that now she has to continue with her spiritual growth in this life. She had been getting knowledge before but it had all stopped. However, she feels that now she is continuing once again and though it may be the latter part she still is hell bent to get it and obtain it. She feels that now she will proceed in depth. She will be indulging in more meditation and spiritually she will advance more with the group per say at a very different place away from this earth.

Manijeh has to learn from each experience that comes her way. She has to progress spiritually. There was no later, only Now. The life in which she was a Buddhist monk, who died very young, has passed down her spiritual tendencies. She then used to be lighting lamps, cleaning and filling them while the discourses used to go on. She has acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge from then of which she is aware and uses daily as well without knowing where it comes from.

"You have to learn to view various aspects of your life now with regards to similar aspects of that life and understand them. All this knowledge will always be useful."

"Remember that Money replenishes itself. Accept that you are living in abundance. "

Gayatri: “Learn to enjoy ‘in the moment. Right now.’ There is no Later.”

“Your work is an important part of this lifetime and YOU – Whatever you do to yourself; with yourself (learning, experience, etc…) all of it is important in this lifetime.
This is a life where you have chosen to focus on self-growth through different methods. Various systems to explore self growth. So get deeper into this subject. Whatever you do for your own self growth helps the whole, not just you. Like you are a representative of the whole. What you do to yourself affect all – like resonance, like ripples in water.”

“Patterns are formed, repeated over several lifetimes. They are simply more and more of the same behavior. Soon they form patterns. Even in different forms of life the patterns remain. “

Veena: Veena’s purpose of coming here is to complete some karmic debt and she believes that the group is the guiding source. “As always stay tuned & connected.”

Ragini: “Healing again, spirituality & reading & how to deal with people. Also lots of yoga. You are satisfied with very little. Look for more.”

Vir: “To transform negative energies of anger, kama-lust etc to very kind and humble positive energies and desires, to understand life- sansar in real. Pain, sorrow, love etc. and to learn to create fine equilibrium and balance of all kind of emotions, to further progress in order to get rid of Karmic imbalances of negativity and positivity. To learn to be in balance for the further progress and to be divine to merge with Divine.”

Vir at this moment saw a very bright light.

The interesting thing to be observed was how each one could recognise the pattern they followed now, and linked it to where it came from. This holds true for so many things we do. We often do something very well the very first time and wonder where exactly did that come from. Well, now you have the answer. It just came from a few past lives . The mystery is solved.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Contd...When will it end?

The next bunch of questions that came to mind were-
When will it end? What should our attitude be in the coming troubled times?
What should and can we do as an individual and as a group for the betterment of ourselves and the group as a whole?

Vani: "Peace will return but slowly and not for while. Eventually world consciousness will turn away from war and violence and then peace will truly come in. It will take years, but then, once more you will have a peaceful world."
We totally agree with the message that Vani got in order for us to deal with these troubled times-“Continue to live your life in the same positive way. Side with the positive and not the negative forces. Anger, fear, blame and guilt align you with the negative.”

This message was received collectively for the group.
“Don’t live in fear, anger and sorrow. Live in joy and creativity. If you are positive you can spread it to others and the earth needs the positivity right now. Keep connected and keep positive. Negative thinking strengthens the negative forces. Do not contribute to them. Align yourself with the divine, with happiness and optimism and wonder."

“Try to detach yourself from all evil. It can be thinking of your near and dear ones. Do not get influenced by things not so good around you. Good thinking and meditation will help one and all. You are on the right track, improve on that. Keep faith. You cannot tell anyone to do anything as all are going through their Karmic cycle. Pray and ask for the Divine to help and heal.”

“There is absolutely no cause for worry. Live in the present and carry on your activities as a normal routine. Spread the message of love to one and all.”

Ragini: “Each & everyone in the group have to support each other. Never let each other down and always be there for each other. They were here looking after us & to always be pleasant & keep cheerful.” On thanking her guide for the message, Ragini was rewarded with them telling her that it was their pleasure to connect and talk to her. She was infact rewarded with two beautiful visions at the time of doing our meditation and visualization .
The first one in which she saw herself in the Himalayas with some Tibetan monks with regular chanting going on & the round prayer wheels being rung by the monks.

And the second one in which she was in the Himalayas again with Lord Shiva smiling and sitting on his deer skin on a snow platform, his right leg folded, left leg down, right hand raised in blessing & left hand down on his left knee. The feeling experienced in her third eye was indescribable. She felt as if her third eye chakra was open and she could see anything in the world that she wanted to. But the vision of Lord Shiva was so powering that there was nothing else that she wanted to focus on at that point of time.

Later she saw his consort Parvati join him & merge into him to show her the form of Ardhnarnareshwar- right half of Shiva & left half of Parvati signified in every individual. The message she then received was ‘‘be harmonious in yourself.’’ She then saw them standing separately with Parvati on Lord Shiva’s left & a small Ganesh next to Parvati on her left. She thanked them for being there. ‘‘We are always there for you. was what was told to her.

“Shed your anxieties, follow your dharma.” He saw a sad expression on his guide's face. “Stay positive. Be like steel. Believe in your ideology. Do not despair. You are on the right track (as a healer). Never loose sight of this. Sleep well & deeply Shanti (3)”Befriend your troubles. Do not fear them. They will cease to be.”

Tara: "Pray. Just pray. Be positive. Stay calm, Stay focussed. Focus on good deeds you have to do. Wheel of nature will go on. What goes on comes round. Don't give up. Incite people around you to remain positive. Focus on what is right. (By you). Help the poor and needy. Spread happiness around you. I am there. We are always there watching over you.” Tara at this point could see the face of a clock with the hands spinning faster and faster on the dial implying that time was moving faster and faster.

Vir: “Lighten up karmic weight of earth by doing good deeds karma. Possibly 29th august can be bad, for Middle East. What is needed is to wish good for every livings.” He saw a vision of Devi- Deity white and radiant telling him to remain cool and calm. She was there to protect. She tried to heal livings of earth and people in this room.
With respect what he could do, “Be good to all. Try to connect to power of nature and be humble and helping to all. Guide the world around you towards positivity & happiness. Better karmas and good deeds will help and protect you and world around. Be with power of nature. Work for it; let the world around listen to sound of peace and happiness with you.”

Is there anything about the future that we need to know?
"Each one’s future is individual and in their own hands. What you ask for you get. Ask for safety and it’s yours. Ask for love and beauty and it’s yours. Let others live the future they chose. Your future is not the same as the planet. Each one has choice and each one will find their path. As long as you listen to yourself you cannot go wrong."

“The group in a positive environment and positive energy field. It also recharges us from time to time when we are outside in not so good environments. Do not let it affect you. Do as many havans as you can and clean the air. You people will be doing many more such things. We were also suggested to learn Sanskrit as it would help in the right way. This would take time and effort to start, but once done would have good positive effects.”

“Do good, be good. Do not worry about things that are not in your control.”

Vir: “Don't deviate from your path.” Vir saw a huge white light and with great speed he felt himself merging into it. He asked for the world around and was informed that the power also wanted to protect the good and necessary ones. He could then see a huge powerful white light which symbolised protection for good.

Finally our guide Vani summed it up for us.
This important message makes it clear to all that you create your future and if you are positive and optimistic you can be safe and happy no matter what is happening around you on the planet.

It as after all each one’s responsibility to choose which side does one want to be on. We will always be surrounded by the good and bad. It’s a choice we need to make. Depending on the choice we make, we face the music.

Love and light

What is happening in the world today?

We have tried to find out what is happening in the world that we live in today. Are we living in peace or pieces? Is there mayhem and anarchy or do we have something much better and brighter to look forward to? This is what was revealed to us-

What is happening in the world today?
"It’s all coming to a head, all the divisive elements. It is building up to a new age. The troubles will continue for a while. So much negativity has been poured into the earth that it must work out its effect."

“Negative energy and elements have increased many folds, so the balance of good and bad has got disturbed. The Divine therefore has to act now and put things right before it is too late. The process has started slowly and in the end the bad elements will get destroyed as they cross the line. The remaining world will then become positive and the people will become very religious and positive minded. It will take some years for the improvement to happen.”

“A thorough cleansing is needed for all the wrong doings. Natures way of reacting - As you sow, so shall you reap. Take responsibility for all your actions. It’s only when disaster strikes do we think of the divinity unfortunately. Stay tuned and connected, believe in the divine power.”

Ragini: During the initial chanting of the Ohms, Ragini saw Goddess Saraswati in a white background like a white cloth flowing wearing a white saree with a gold border, gold anklets & toe-rings on her feet playing the Veena, her musical instrument which was on her left shoulder.
“The atmosphere in the world is not good & to stay away from fights & controversies.”

Niranjan: He heard two distinct conch blasts at the beginning of the session. “Pitiable state, people jockeying for positioning, fine balance which is disturbed will result in chain reaction. This is all part of maturation of the planet as a whole. It will eventually be alright.” The image that he could see before him was of a farmer ploughing and small subterranean insects worrying about their home and future.
“Micro and macro plans exist for each one of us. But one person cannot win a battle. Goodness/you need to work as a cohesive force/whole. IT MATTERS & IT DOESN'T MATTER. If goodness doesn't come from you, it will come from someone else.”

“Life is colourful. Like Holi. Anarchy. Will continue till man does not understand man. People cannot understand his messages, his meanings and signs. There is so much love to give, but who wants it? Who wants to take it today?”

“Of course things happening will continue till next year April-May 2007.”

Love and light

Friday, March 16, 2007

Saraswati Shloka

At the start of our session there is a short shloka that we recite. We have always found this shloka to be very powerful. It changes the energy in the room and we have often found an immediate change in the atmosphere that becomes so charged and radiating with good, positive and strong energy.

This shloka opens up the intuition and is very good for channeling. Its colour is white so imagine sparkling white while saying it and focus on the top of the head, the crown chakra area which needs to open to connect to higher energies.

"Yaa kundendu tushaar haar dhawalaa yaa shubra vastraa vrataa,
yaa veena var danda mandita karaa yaa shweta padmaasanaa,
yaa brahmaachuta shankara prabhutibhih devai sadaa vanditaa,
saa mama paatu saraswati bhagavati nishesha jadyaa pahaa."

Meaning :
Saraswati, who is dazzlingly white like the kunda flower, like snow or garlands, the one who is robed in bright white clothes, who is decorated with the Veena, the one on the white lotus, who is worshiped eternally by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and the gods, may that Saraswati, the one who removes dullness, may she protect me.


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